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AC Jade Trading Ltd

Stand: DP3-18
AC Jade Trading Ltd

Found in 2010 in England, Signare is the largest woven tapestry accessories brand in the world, from our UK and US warehouse, we supply our products to over 3000 retailers from over 30 countries. Key market is UK, Europe, and US. Our key clients are owners of Garden Centres, Gift Shops, British themed retail stores, Catalogue Shops, Lady's fashion stores, Museum Shops and so on.' Signare has also nominated twice for UK Gift of The Year Awards! in 2020&2021!'

?? ?Tapestry is an ancient woven art used for decorating palaces, castles and large homes across Europe. In the past, the ownership of tapestry' advertised the power and wealth of kings and noblemen, Henry VIII was recorded to have owned more than 2,000 pieces of this art. Today, this ancient craft has been integrated with the largest technology to produce an elegant range of modern tapestry. Signare produces a range of tapestry fashion accessories which encompass classic and contemporary styling in a variety of designs.'

Signare has also teamed up with V&A, The National Gallery, Shakespeare's Birthplace Trust, Frida Kahlo Cooperation for licensing woven tapestry lines to support the artists and their masterpiece.'
Commission projects for Harrods, Royal British Legion etc,'

Check our best seller in William Morris design, the most comprehensive products line in woven tapestry designs!'

We are offering gifts to all buyers who place orders at our stand!



Unit 2L, Albany Park
Albany Park
Unit 2
United Kingdom
GU16 7PL
United Kingdom


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