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Corincraft Ltd

Hall: DP1 Design-Led Gift Stand: DP1-D59
Corincraft Ltd

At CorinCraft we are so pleased Home and Gift fair is back and that we can celebrate over 25 years in the development and production of fragrance products that align perfectly with current market trends being 100% natural and sustainable.

Presenting our selection of hugely successful aromatherapy lava stones infused with top grade essential oils. These fragrance diffusers have been specifically designed to improve emotional wellbeing and create a more balanced environment.

Our website and social media are proliferated with success stories, especially highlighting our vegan friendly aromatherapy sleep stones. The ‘Emotif’ home fragrance range provides a creative, effective and eco- friendly lifestyle choice and a thoughtful alternative to the synthetic fragrance options currently on the market.

The CorinCraft portfolio is complemented by Love Organic Fragrance - a stunning collection of 10 exclusively presented fragrances in Eau De Parfum. The ultimate perfume edit, 100% organic and vegan friendly in beautiful unique presentation.

Everything from CorinCraft is natural, sustainable and hand made in Sussex - so if you and your clientele are discerning and ecologically conscious our products are right-at-home.

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