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Stand: A-B21

Welcome to Growbar

Growbars are cleverly curated, unique collections of seeds nestled in neat, fertile coir bars, ready to grow and harvest at home. Just add water!

They make for an effortless and enjoyable gardening experience, ideal for both beginners and seasoned gardeners alike.

With a two-year shelf life, they can be stocked any time of the year. Featuring over 40 unique bars, they are easy to display and merchandise, aligning with current consumer trends towards sustainable living and gardening. Counter-friendly and portable, these budget-friendly gifts have quick lead times and low-risk MOQ. Plus, they are 100% eco-friendly and recyclable.

Flower Bars: Sunflower Bar, Edible Flower Bar, First Aid Bar, Bouquet Bar, Confetti Bar, Cat Bar, Dog Bar, Bee Bar, Bird Bar, Butterfly Bar, Gold Bar, Silver Bar 

Edible Bars:  Strawberry Bar, Tiny Tomato Bar, Cocktail Bar, Tea Bar, Red Hot Bar, Popcorn Bar, Gin Bar, Beer Bar, Pizza Herbs Bar, Exotic Vegetable Bar, Exotic Fruit Bar, Indian Chef Bar, Chinese Chef Bar, Thai Chef Bar 

Heritage Bars: Victorian Flowers, Medieval Herbs, Shakespearean Flowers, Biblical Herbs, Artists Flowers, Roman Herbs, Jane Austen Flowers, William Morris Flowers 

Kids Bars: Bug Bar, Space Bar and Weird Veg Bar 

Garden Trio's:

Veg Garden Trio - Red Hot Bar, Tiny Tomato Bar, Exotic Veg Bar

Chef's Garden Trio - The Indian Chef's Bar, The Thai Chef's Bar, The Chinese Chef's Bar

Wildlife Garden Trio - Bee Bar, Bird Bar, Butterfly Bar


Vitis House
50 Dickens Street
United Kingdom

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