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Hall: DP3 Design-Led Gift Stand: DP3-9

Since we are based in Brighton, or Dogtown UK, going by the dog to household ratio. And that was before the 2020 dog boom — an unexpected side effect of a global pandemic. Dogs are very much part of the landscape.

Most dog brands follow the aesthetic of the baby-food aisle, with childish illustrations, infantile language, smelly and beige. Or worse, they’re merely functional products with ugly packaging, and we struggle to believe people purchase them for their beloved pets. We know we can do better.

We went to the pub, an excellent place to start, and we made a pact. To say no to the insipid treats on offer, no to the obvious, and “do one” to all treats brown and bone-shaped. A format that appears not to have evolved since the 1970s.

So for you and our dogs, we promise a new experience — a treat that plays to all our senses.  

  • W’ZIS (what’s this), a name that your dog will already know, no training required there. 
  • What’s that? A treat that looks like no other
  • Pocket or purse-friendly smells that dog’s love but won’t make you retch.
  • A funky tin that rattles when you shake, perfect for those stubborn recall moments.
  • And it’s healthy and vegan. No nasties, and to us, why put meat into treats when plants can do the job just as well? We’re not saying go 100% vegan (although it’s a great idea), but these little treats are doing their bit to reduce our burden on the planet’s resources.

And it’s just the start, with more innovative W’ZIS already in the pipeline.

We’re just for dogs — sorry cats, love you, but you are the enemy, along with tiresome, dull, miserable brown bones.

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