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A Year of Dates

Hall: Hall B Gift Stand: B14

The gift that keeps giving.

A Year of Dates is a thoughtful retail business which encourages the making of time for the important things in life – family, friends and romance.  

Started in 2016 following a romantic gift from husband to wife, A Year of Dates is now an award-winning business inspired by the original gift.

The weekly date box that grew from this idea remains a bestseller with over 75,000 selling worldwide so far. Containing 52 colourful sealed cards, each with a date suggestion inside, the gift encourages couples to make time for each other in their busy lives.

The range of products also includes milestone birthday gifts that are perfect for that person who 'has everything' as they to contain sealed cards with activities inside to help the celebrations last all year. 


5-7 Vernon St
United Kingdom
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