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Halilit is proud to represent JellyStone Designs

HALILIT Hall: DP1 Design-Led Gift Stand: DP1-A95

Halilit, a leading distributor of high-quality children's products, is thrilled to announce their partnership with Jellystone Designs, a renowned brand specializing in safe and stylish silicone toys for children. This collaboration will further enhance Halilit's diverse range of innovative and engaging products, aimed at promoting early childhood development and sensory exploration.

Jellystone Designs is recognized for their commitment to producing toxic-free, BPA-free, and phthalate-free silicone toys that are safe for children of all ages. Their products are designed to stimulate and engage young minds while providing a safe and satisfying sensory experience. From teething toys and stackers to sensory bottles and educational blocks, Jellystone Designs offers a wide range of thoughtfully designed products that are both functional and visually appealing.

With Halilit's extensive distribution network and expertise in the children's product industry, the partnership with Jellystone Designs will enable a wider audience to access these innovative and highly sought-after toys. Parents and caregivers can now look forward to finding Jellystone Designs' products at their favourite retailers, ensuring that their little ones can benefit from the highest quality toys that promote learning, exploration, and safe play.

"We are excited to welcome Jellystone Designs to the Halilit family," said [Amy Wildman, Sales & Marketing Director] at Halilit. "Their commitment to safety, design, and functionality aligns perfectly with our mission of providing exceptional products for children. We are proud to represent Jellystone Designs and expand our portfolio to offer even more choices for parents and caregivers seeking the best toys for their children's development."

Jellystone Designs' range of toys will be available through Halilit's network of retailers, including specialty toy stores, baby boutiques, and online platforms. Parents can trust that their children will have access to safe and stimulating toys that encourage sensory exploration, fine motor skills, and imaginative play.

For more information about Jellystone Designs and Halilit's products, please visit


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