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Fox Under The Moon Wholesale Catalogue 2023-24

Fox Under The Moon Stand: B-C49

Fox Under The Moon started as a project for me while I was out of work during the 2021 winter lockdown. I wanted to put some hope and positivity out into the world, and so I began sharing my whimsical illustrations and uplifting messages on social media. My wonderful online community of followers has now grown to more than 70,000 people; and my books, prints and cards have reached more than 20 countries around the globe.

Following our own challenges with stress and mental wellbeing; we sold our house in 2018, and left our teaching jobs in search of a new, simpler way of life - doing the things we love. It's fair to say we found it, and we are now delighted to be running our small business together, travelling the UK, and taking time for us as we do it.

My 'Fox Under The Moon' artwork series is inspired by the simplicity of everyday life, and the complicated emotions that go with it. Through my work you will meet an anxious, but inquisitive fox, and the wise, old moon. The two become friends, and I hope that their warm and whimsical world can bring some encouragement and love to yours.


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