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01 Jul 2022

Butchers Block | Premium BBQ Masters Selection of 6

Spice Inspired Hall: Hall M Food Emporium Stand: M-FE18

This Butchers Block Spice Set is of Premium Quality and looks like a Butchers Block, beautifully presented.  The Glass tests tubes are larger in size and sealed with Aluminum lids, keeping the spices fresher for longer.

If you are looking for the a great barbecue or roast spice selection box, then you have come to the right place! This unique spice set includes some very popular spices:

Argentinian Chimichurri Rub – Beef Fillet - The earthy heat of this Argentinian-inspired spice blend has a vibrance in colour and flavour better suited to a more traditional grilling method. 

Caribbean Jerk Spice - Chicken Thigh– a blend that will ensure a festive flavour outcome with its perfect balance of sweet exotic heat, great on chicken and any other meat. 

Smokey Sweet Mustard Rub - Pulled Pork – the perfect companion for pork, delicious, smoky, sweet, lightly spiced with the mustard doing its stunning job of rounding out the zesty flavours with an outcome of succulent, tender, melt-in-the-mouth pork either as a slow cooked roast or on the barbecue! 

Chipotle Rub – Chicken Wings - chicken is beautifully complemented by more exotic flavours and further enhanced by the smokiness of the chipotle rub.

Cajun BBQ Rub – Beef Ribs the smoky sweetness of this Cajun rub is well paired with prime beef ribs cooked over hot coals until charred, the meat comes out smoky, moist, and just the right pull-off-the-bone tenderness. 

Rosemary and Garlic Rub – Lamb Loin an age-old classic – rosemary and garlic are the perfect flavour accompaniments to the natural richness of lamb. Create a rub by adding honey and lemon zest with the spice and marinade overnight for a robustly aromatic flavour experience.


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