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01 Jul 2022

Curries of Origin | Premium Selection Box of 12 Curry Tubes

Spice Inspired Hall: Hall M Food Emporium Stand: M-FE18

FOR THE CURRY CONNOISSEUR OR ENTHUSIAST. Be inspired with curries from around the world bringing delicious warm flavours that are traditional and unique to the specific culture it represents.

This unique selection box of 12 curry seasonings includes some very popular Indian spices, African and Asian curries including:

Vindaloo – A fiery hot curry with roots in Portuguese cuisine known as King of Curries 

Durban Indian Curry – This authentic curry is famed for its complex piquancy and aroma influenced by Indian migrants 150 year ago, packed with traditional flavour 

East African Curry – Coconut-based chicken curries with Arabic, Indian and African influence, smoky flavours infused by char-grilling the chicken before adding to the curry base

Cape Malay Curry – A delicious fusion of Asian and European tastes with a sweet and spicy mix of meat, fruit and spices using a fragrant blend of 13 exotic spices

Malabar – Rich in flavour with lingering aromas from the East

Thai Green – Very fragrant and rich in colour, boasting strong lime and ginger overtones

Korma – Defined by its decadent creamy sauces and delicate spices, the ultimate comfort food with an Eastern twist

Garam Masala – Hot mixture of a blend of pungent ground spices packed with flavour

Rogan Josh - A bold rich red colour is the signature of the dish with a hint of heat

Madras – This spicy piquant curry is known for its fiery heat, cumin and coriander resonate in this intense spice blend

Tikka – Colourful exotic fragrant spices frequently used in marinating meat for the BBQ

Goan Fish – Influences from Portuguese, Muslim and Hindi making it an exotic mix of truly tasty cuisine, incomplete without seafood

CURRY RECIPES PRINTED ON THE BOX AND RECIPE INSERT - each curry seasoning comes with recipe instructions to get the best authentic results and set you on your way in creating flavoursome curries. 


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