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Eostre The Hare Embroidered Art

The Very Crafty Zebra Stand: M-D39
  • Eostre The Hare Embroidered Art
  • Eostre The Hare Embroidered Art
Eostre The Hare Embroidered Art Eostre The Hare Embroidered Art

Meet Eostre!

The Hare is commonly associated with the Anglo Saxon goddess Eostre. So named after a goddess, Eostre is an embroidered piece of art which contains 70314 stitches, no bigger than 2 mm in length!

The beauty of our Embroidered Art is that many people have a double take as they look like black and white photographs from afar.

We create our embroidered photo art by stitching out layers upon layers of stitches of thread to build up the effect of a black and white photograph.

This process is lengthy and consumes a large amount of thread, but the outcome speaks for itself. Our embroidered art works can have anywhere between 20,000 to 300,000 stitches depending on size of the artwork.

We embroider our art works with quality thread. It is a durable natural fibre and your image will not fade like some 'real' photographs. Our art works are mounted with a bevelled mount and then into a black frame (which can be hung or placed on a flat surface) which really makes the embroidery artwork Pop!


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