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Palo Santo Wood Sticks (80g)

Rowell Rocks Ltd Hall: Hall A Gift Stand: A11

An 80g pack of palo santo sticks to be sold individually or as a pack. There are roughly between 8-12 pieces per pack. These thin Palo Santo Wood Sticks are ideal for use with smudging. Palo Santo is known for its properties to aid in clearing bad energy, providing spiritual protection and bringing good luck.

Palo Santo – Blessing and Purification. Palo Santo is literally the Saint Tree. Used for centuries in Peru and Ecuador for spiritual ceremonies. Burn chips as you would incense or smudge sticks; light, allow to burn momentarily, blow out the flame and fan the ember. May need to be re-lit. “Wash” persons, places, or property with the smoke. The more the chip is lit, the easier it is to keep the ember going.

(12 in each pack) Packaged ready to re sell with information on the packaging.


  • Cabinet & Display
  • Office/Home Office
  • Gifts
  • Interior Accessories
  • Wellbeing (Beauty/ Home Fragrance)
  • Other
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