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01 Jul 2022

Pepper Trade | Unique Peppercorn Selection Box of 8 Tubes

Spice Inspired Hall: Hall M Food Emporium Stand: M-FE18

PREMIUM CONNOISSEUR PEPPERCORN SELECTION Each type of pepper adds its own distinct unique taste, the perfect seasoning.  

Peppercorns are a complex spice, with variations coming from different plants, the coarseness of grind, and time of cultivation. Best flavour is unlocked when peppercorns are grinded or cracked just before use.

This set of 8 wonderful peppercorns ranges from a subtle delicacy to savoury pepper punch from unusual places around the world to give you a unique culinary experience. 

This unique spice set of eight peppercorns includes some very popular peppers:

Malaysian Long Spice – Has a musky heat tempered by sweet notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom and pairs well with meats and vegetables

Vietnamese Black – Large in size with a flavour punch to match and when cracked open release an aroma of hints of citrus making it versatile to every dish

Sarawak White – a white pepper with a milder aroma than regular pepper and great for delicate sauces

Chinese Szechuan – has a spicy, woody aroma with tingly numbing taste and an essential ingredient in Chinese Five spice powder

Indian Green – flavour described as piquant and fresh with a bright aroma, coarsely grind over smoked salmon for an interesting twist.

Tropical Blend – mixture of black, green, white pepper and pimento (allspice) which livens up every-day cooking by adding heat, colour and spice. 

Brazilian Pink – used in peppercorn blends or used on their own to lend their aromatic, resinous flavour to delicate cream sauces or seafood

Rainbow Blend – Mix of black, green, white and pink peppercorns combining all the flavour elements to add to your favourite savoury dish


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