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01 Jul 2022

Spice of Africa | Traditional African Spice Selection of 10 Tubes

Spice Inspired Hall: Hall M Food Emporium Stand: M-FE18

PREMIUM CONNOISSEUR AFRICAN SPICE Colourful as Africa, unusual and different traditional spices for African dishes.  Enhance your choice of cultural cuisine with hearty flavour, bold taste and vibrant aromas:

Set of 10 Traditional Spices includes:

Egyptian Dukkah – A warm blend of toasted seeds and spices, Dukkah is a versatile and aromatic essential to any pantry. 

Moroccan Ras El Hanout – Highlights the rich, aromatic style of tagline cooking typical of North African cuisine adding flavour complexity to any meat or vegetable dish

African Herb – The flavours of tangy lemon and wild garlic together with the freshness of parsley are true African favourites and add zest to any dish

North African Berbere – A traditionally fiery and vibrant all-purpose spice blend considered a flavouring foundation in North-African cuisine

Tunisian Harissa – Delight in the peppery-piquant flavours perfect for use with more exotic cooking styles

Cape Malay Curry – A delicious fusion of Asian and European tastes from the 17th century, a sweet and spicy mix of meat, fruit and spices using a fragrant blend of 13 exotic spices

Winelands Sea Salt – The finest hand-harvested sea salt from the South African West Coast infused in red wine, making it a delightful finishing salt

Traditional Braai – Braai is a South African term for barbecue, a bbq spice mix with warm woody aroma and spicy flavour, making it the perfect meat seasoning for the grill

Atlantic Smoked Salt – Sea salt infused with wood smoke adding a subtle smoky flavour to everyday dishes

East African Curry – Coconut-based chicken curries with Arabic, Indian and African influence, smoky flavours infused by char-grilling the chicken before adding to the coconut curry base

RECIPE IDEAS PRINTED ON THE BOX - each spice comes with simple traditional African food pairing ideas to get the best authentic results and set you on your way.


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