17-20 July 2022
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Abbeyhorn (Established 1749)
Kendal, United Kingdom
Sector: Design-Led Gift
Hall: DP1 | Stand: DP1-C48

Product Description

Cow horn has thermoplastic properties, which means it can be softened and made malleable by heating.  It can then be bent, shaped and moulded.  The horn does not melt when heated and will not reform upon cooling. Hence it will stay in its new moulded shape, which enables us to handcraft a magnificent range of Shoehorns starting at 4” in length to 24”.  Some use the solid tip of the horn as the handle, some we add a Stag Antler handle to, and some have a shaped horn handle or no handle.
As horn is a natural material and no two horns are the same in shape, size or colour. Every shoehorn we make is perfectly unique.
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