20-22 July 2020
Home & Gift Virtual 2020
Poole and Burleigh Pottery
Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom
Sector: Craft
Hall: DP4 | Stand: DP4-3

Product Description

NEW : Flare Asymmetrical Vases and Bowl by Poole Pottery.
Vibrant blue and yellow bring an eruption of colour to Poole’s heartland red.  Representing nature at its extreme the Flare design captures the hot molten colours of the caldera.   It’s the first new Poole Pottery range to use red glaze for some years and offers a contemporary look to this Poole signature colour.
Skilfully made in England and Flare gives reverence to Poole’s history and attributes in contemporary asymmetric form.  The four shapes display well closely grouped together or individually.  Also available in this impactive design are Bird and Fish figures, all present an appealing gift and are attractively gift boxed, perfect for presentation and storage.

Flare Asymmetrical
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