19-22 July 2020
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Little Blue Nest / 25 Mar, 2020
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Hi Ila. We’re so happy to have you be a part of H&G this year. Tell us a bit about yourself and Little Blue Nest.

Hello hello! I am an Italian mama (or ‘mamma’ should I say?) and together with my husband Jamie we are the people behind Little Blue Nest. Little Blue Nest is an independent family-run UK baby brand based in The Cotswolds, specialising in organic cotton muslin products for little ones since 2016. Our name was inspired by the most favourite of all British birds, the Robin, and her beautiful and unique blue eggs. For us, the nest is a symbol of warmth, comfort, security and tradition and so our products embody these values for your little one's nest.

You’ll find us timeless yet modern, playful but stylish, with all products made to the finest quality to support your lifestyle needs as parents. We collaborate with illustrators to create original patterns inspired by nature, so all our designs are beautifully unique.

This will be our first year at the Home & Gift show and we are incredibly excited to join, especially as 2020 marks such an important anniversary for the show.

When did you start Little Blue Nest? What’s your brand story?

We launched Little Blue Nest in 2016, however our journey really started when I was pregnant with our daughter Phoebe in 2014. One of my favourite times during pregnancy was planning for her arrival, so to create a safe, comfortable nest to welcome her into the world. You can get swamped by the never-ending list of 'baby must haves’ but luckily enough my sister-in-law had just had her baby girl and she promptly gave a few precious suggestions—at the top of that list was cotton muslins.

Most of what I found at the time were basic quality, non-organic, muslins that felt harsh on the skin with fairly typical ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ patterns. They didn't feel very special and in my head, I couldn't understand why something that you use a lot in those precious early years, couldn't also be unique and long lasting, to be used over and over as your baby grows would be.

So I decided to start this journey with the goal of making an eco-friendly, sustainable baby brand that I would consider ideal for my little one. Phoebe was the inspiration behind Little Blue Nest and the person we have always kept in mind every step of the way when developing our little brand. From the nostalgic influences, the delicate colour palettes and the softness of the fabric, all design and brand decisions have been a consequence of bringing her up.

We have been incredibly lucky to have the support and help of family and friends since day one, who believed in us and fell in love with the sketches and colours of our first collection ‘Woodland friends’.

We started with four designs for swaddle blankets and then launched cot bed sheets, comforters and muslin squares in the same patterns. We’ve added new patterns and products every year since.

Have there been any specific highlights since launching your brand?

We have had many highlights, to just see everything come together was truly magical. From the initial brand concepts, the graphics, the colours, the illustrations, the products, the photography. It was a very long journey but absolutely worth it. The biggest highlight must be having the first batch of products finally in our hands for the first time and having Phoebe test them (she is a muslins connoisseur!)

I absolutely love to be part of someone’s family or someone’s journey. I get to know and speak to our customers daily, seeing their babies using our products, growing with them and coming back for more is absolutely incredible and I am truly grateful for that. It is still unbelievable to me to see thousands of mums and dads choosing us for their first or second baby and recommending us to family and friends - It is a really fulfilling feeling.

Knowing what you do now, what advice would you give to yourself when you were first starting out?

Being in full time employment at the start along with having a newborn and running a new business wasn’t easy. I had many long nights and a lot of my spare time was invested in launching and sustaining Little Blue Nest at the start.

Luckily I now work on it full time, so I would say to be patient and remember that all the hard work gets repaid eventually if you stick with it.

Can you tell us about the new collection that you’ll be launching at Home & Gift?

We are super excited to be presenting our newest collection of gender-neutral designs together with our old classic ‘woodland friends’ collection. We recently launched three new designs, all inspired by nature— ‘Blueberry’, ‘Fawn’ and ‘Bear cub’—together with four new solid colour muslin swaddles, which are designed to complement the other patterned products in the collection. All our new designs are very playful and warm, with modern in- trend colour palettes that fit perfectly in any nursery setting.

Any personal favourites from your collection?

This is a tough one. I love all our designs and I have such a deep connection with all of them for various reasons. However, I am sentimentally very close to our ‘Long ear bunny’ design because it was our very first one. I also love the ‘Bear cub’ and the ‘Blueberry’ designs from our newest collection.


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