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Northern Retail Market Trade Shows: Your Gateway to the UK's Vibrant Retail Scene

Home & Gift is a must-attend trade show for retailers looking to stay ahead in the UK's dynamic retail market. Discover the latest trends, connect with industry professionals, and grow your business at this enchanting buyers' festival in Harrogate.

The retail industry in the UK has been experiencing a significant transformation with the rise of eco-conscious consumers, increased online competition, and a shift towards more sustainable shopping options. To stay ahead of the curve and ensure your business thrives in this ever-changing landscape, it's crucial to attend trade shows that cater to your target audience and offer valuable insights into the latest market trends. One such event is Home & Gift, the buyers’ favourite festival of the summer, held in the picturesque town of Harrogate under the July sunshine.

Home & Gift: More Than Just a Trade Show

Home & Gift is not your average trade show; it's a networking hub where retailers connect, learn, and conduct meaningful business. The event is renowned for its stunning summer setting, diverse range of brands, and perfect timing ahead of the busiest buying season. With over 500 brands joining the event, buyers will be spoiled for choice as they get the opportunity to see product launches and new-season designs first.

Collaborating with the Better Trends Company for its 2023 edition, Home & Gift's theme is Modern Psychedelic, a trend inspired by the shopping community's craving for past joys and nostalgia-inducing products. This creates an enchanting atmosphere that fosters connections and revitalizes the retail community, making it the ideal platform to source fresh products and cultivate relationships with fellow retailers and suppliers.

A Prime Locale for Business Growth

Home & Gift attracts over 6,000 quality visitors each year, including independent retailers, multiple stores, leading department stores, garden centres, and online businesses. With a combined buying budget of £900m, this event is the perfect place to break into the Northern retail market and showcase your products to a vibrant community of buyers.

With a focus on sustainability and eco-consciousness, Home & Gift encourages retailers to include more upcycled and eco-friendly products in their offerings. This not only helps businesses cater to the changing preferences of consumers but also strengthens their brand image as a responsible and forward-thinking retailer.

Embrace the 60s Vibe and Connect with Retail Industry Professionals

Step into a world of reminiscence at Home & Gift's enchanting buyers' festival and relive the idyllic Summer of Love. The event's laid-back atmosphere invites both unwinding and inspiration, creating the perfect environment for sourcing the season's key products and rekindling connections with the retail community.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to discover the latest trends, connect with fellow retailers and suppliers, and grow your business in the vibrant UK retail market. To learn more about Home & Gift and secure your spot, visit [Why Visit]( and [First Time Visitors]( pages for more information.

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