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Summer Festivals in the UK: Uniting the Shopping Community

Home & Gift Buyers' Festival is a leading industry platform for retailers to source products for the Autumn/Winter season while enjoying a relaxed atmosphere. Embracing a Modern Psychedelic theme, the event unites the shopping community to celebrate creativity, connection, and sustainable business practices.

As the UK's summer festival season approaches, retailers and shoppers alike are gearing up for an exciting time of product discovery, trend inspiration, and community connection. Among these vibrant events, Home & Gift Buyers' Festival stands out as a leading industry platform, where retailers can source products for the upcoming Autumn/Winter season while basking in the Harrogate sunshine. With its unique blend of professional and pleasure tones, Home & Gift promises a memorable experience for everyone involved.

This year's Home & Gift, taking place from 16th-19th of July, showcases a collaboration with The Better Trends Company, embracing the Modern Psychedelic theme. Inspired by the shopping community's craving for past joys and nostalgia-inducing products, this event offers an opportunity to unite retailers and consumers under a common goal: celebrating creativity and the spirit of connection.

As the industry faces numerous challenges, such as increased online competition, rising high street costs, and a growing demand for sustainable shopping options, Home & Gift provides a space for businesses to come together and address these issues head-on. By offering a diverse range of eco-friendly products and brands, the event encourages retailers to make conscious decisions for their customers.

Home & Gift has seen a significant increase in attendance in recent years, with a 24% increase in Independent retailers from 2021 and a 28% increase in Department Store attendance. This demonstrates the event's wide appeal, attracting everyone from independent stores and multiples to leading department stores, garden centres, online retailers, and museums.

With over 500 brands joining this year's event, buyers will be spoiled for choice as they explore the latest product launches and new-season designs. Gifts and interior accessories remain the most popular product interests, ensuring a diverse and exciting selection for attendees to choose from. Additionally, 65% of Home & Gift buyers order throughout the year, making the event an essential platform for retailers to source products ahead of the busiest buying season, Christmas.

Home & Gift's laid-back atmosphere, reminiscent of the carefree 60s, allows retailers to connect, learn, and conduct meaningful business in a relaxed setting. The event's emphasis on networking and community fosters an environment where businesses can grow organically, sharing ideas and inspiration with like-minded professionals.

So, why not step into a world of reminiscence at Home & Gift's enchanting buyers' festival? Between its captivating Modern Psychedelic theme, abundant product offerings, and commitment to addressing industry challenges, this event promises to be an exhilarating experience for all who attend. Peace, Love and Granola!

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