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Caroline Gardner
/ 10 Jun, 2020
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The Art of Journaling with Caroline Gardner

There are plenty of reasons that journaling is on the rise and becoming increasing popular, particularly in these current difficult times we are in. Journaling provides you with a creative, personal portal for you to jot down all of your thoughts, feelings and ideas. Whether you are trying to reduce your screen time and move away from technology, set and track aims or simply make to do lists before you miss that yoga class again!

People are known to turn to journaling when they are anxious or struggling with decision making. Putting pen to paper and clearly writing your thoughts can help break, even the most daunting of, tasks down in to manageable size pieces. In turn this helps you de-stress, clear your thoughts and get a great night sleep with a clear head.

As we went into lock down the importance of journaling became more significant.  We realised it helps to build structure and control in a time where lot of people had lost their “normal”. It helps plan your day, track your activity and log just how much water you are actually drinking! Although we are working from home, routine and sleep are even more important and journaling is a great way to monitor this.

This year we have seen a huge surge in people taking the time to include mindfulness, gratitude and healthy living into their daily routines and we have launched 3 journals to help achieve this. It was important to us to offer something for everyone and therefore have developed three different types of journals; Sleep Easy, Live Well and The Year of You.

There are sections for you to mark what you are grateful for, what you want to clear you mind of, and what your goals are for tomorrow.

Set your goals for the week, measure your wellness, what activities do you want to try? Then evaluate, what was your biggest achievement, what do you want to try next? This journal is creative yet a structured guide.

Each page has space to write your feelings or activities from the day, plus a little section for today I was grateful for, thought of the day and note to self.

All journals include a ribbon bookmark, printed pages and are undated so they can be enjoyed all year round. Each notebook is A5 with a cotton finish and gold foil text.

We hope these journals help you start your journaling journey and guide you to reach your goals. The team here at CG love their journals and use them religiously, especially during lock down.


Includes diary pages to set goals and to clear your mind before bed. The idea for this journal is to clear your thoughts so you can get a good night sleep and start the next day with more energy and a fresh approach ready for the day’s challenges. 

Features three guided sections for mindful thoughts, fitness goals and meal planning. It’s structured and helps encourage you to try new things in little steps.

Includes 366 diary pages for daily notes, reflections and thoughts.

This can be used as a day to day to do list or you have the freedom to write all your thoughts of the day. 

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