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Wholesale Events in Picturesque Settings: A Blend of Business and Pleasure

Home & Gift Buyers' Festival offers a unique blend of business and pleasure in the picturesque Harrogate sunshine. Discover new products, connect with industry professionals, and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere at this must-attend event.

The retail industry has faced numerous challenges in recent years, from rising costs on the high street to increased online competition and the growing demand for sustainable shopping options. In such a fast-paced environment, it's crucial for buyers and exhibitors to stay ahead of the curve and connect with like-minded professionals in a relaxed and inspiring setting. Home & Gift Buyers' Festival provides the perfect blend of business and pleasure, offering attendees the opportunity to source new products, network, and learn in the tranquil surroundings of picturesque Harrogate.

Set amidst the glistening Harrogate sunshine from the 16th-19th of July, Home & Gift is more than just a trade show. The event is renowned for its stunning summer setting, diverse range of brands, and perfect timing ahead of the busiest buying season. With over 500 brands joining us, buyers will be spoiled for choice, while exhibitors can showcase their products to a vibrant community of buyers with a combined buying budget of £900m.

As the industry's most beloved buying event, Home & Gift has seen a significant increase in attendance from independent retailers, department stores, and multiples. With a strong emphasis on sustainability and eco-consciousness, the event encourages retailers to include upcycled and eco-friendly products in their offerings. This year's theme, Modern Psychedelic, pays homage to the carefree atmosphere of the 60s, while also showcasing the latest trends and product launches for the Autumn/Winter season.

The event's unique selling points include the opportunity for buyers to see product launches and new-season designs first, as well as the chance to top-up products ahead of Christmas. Exhibitors can benefit from connecting with key buyers from the retail industry and building meaningful relationships under the warm Harrogate sun. Home & Gift is also the ideal platform for breaking into the Northern retail market.

Networking plays a significant role at Home & Gift, with the event acting as a hub for retailers to connect, learn, and conduct meaningful business. Whether you're a first-time visitor or an experienced attendee, the event offers a wealth of opportunities to expand your knowledge and connections within the industry.

In conclusion, Home & Gift Buyers' Festival combines the best of business and pleasure, providing a serene and inspiring environment for sourcing new products and connecting with industry professionals. Don't miss out on the chance to attend this radiant event and revitalise your collection. Can you dig it?

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