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Exhibitor FAQs

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When will I receive my E-Zone login details?

Your details will be sent to the primary contact associated with your booking 12 weeks before the show. If you sign up within 12 weeks before the show, your E-Zone details will be sent within 1 week of you booking a stand.

How to I get into my E-Zone?

You can find the portal on the top right-hand side of our website. Your username and password will come in an email from our Marketing Team. It will come to the primary contact associated with your booking, normally the person who signed the contract for the stand.

What is the difference between the E-Zone and the Exhibitor Manual?

The E-Zone is for marketing-related purposed and the Exhibitor Manual is for operations-related purposes. Your login details for both are DIFFERENT. If you haven’t received your Exhibitor Manual login details, please email:

How do I get the chance to be featured on the H&G social media?

Send your lifestyle/product images to: for the chance for your products/brand to be featured on our social channels. Sending in images also puts you in the running for a feature on our show guide, onsite trend features, emails, signage and more!

What are the key operations deadlines?

Operations From Deadline: 19 May

Space Only Stand Plan: 7 June

Early bird operations cost deadline offer ends: 17 June

Stand painting deadline: 1 July

How do I get my exhibitor badges?    

Log in to your E-Zone and click the tab on the left that says "exhibitor badges and scanners". You will be taken to LiveBuzz's Exhibitor Hub where you can create your team's badges.  

Are there any marketing materials I can share with my network?    

Yes! Log in to your E-Zone and click the tab on the left that says "exhibitor badges and scanners". You will be taken to LiveBuzz's Exhibitor Hub where there is a section that says "Marketing Materials". Choose from a variety of assets created to help you promote your brand. 

Where should I stay in Harrogate? 

Click here to plan your visit. Our partner EventBeds have compiled deals on hotels in Harrogate especially for exhibitors and buyers!

Who can be on my stand with me?

Anyone! We recommend having at least two people on a stand so that you can explore the show and leave for lunch and loo breaks without missing out on potential sales! Just make sure everyone who will be on your stand is registered for an exhibitor badge. 
home and gift buyer festival
home and gift buyer festival
home and gift buyer festival

Exhibiting Top Tips

Tips from our retailers

  • Make sure your product knowledge is evident.. If your range is extensive, having a readily accessible price list is helpful.
  • Familiarise yourself with best-selling items to guide customer choices. For newcomers to wholesale, providing retail statistics can bolster confidence in product selection.
  • Supply high-quality, high-resolution product images upon request.
  • Be aware of the "carriage paid" threshold for shipping.
  • Communicate lead times for ordered items.
  • Disclose if products are already stocked by nearby shops to avoid potential order cancellations.
  • Display product examples outside of their packaging, but keep packaging available for viewing.
  • Offer a concise, one-page line sheet with comprehensive information, including pricing, terms, minimum orders, shipping details, contact information, and ordering instructions.
  • Assign clear codes or names to products for efficient communication and order processing.

Tips from seasoned exhibitors

  • Take notes so you don't forget your conversations onsite! Document crucial details such as the potential buyers name, company, what they are interested in ordering and timelines. 
  • Remember to follow up with each and every lead over the next week – if you leave it too long they’ll have placed their orders with someone else! It’s not about being pushy, just making sure they remember you and your brand – send them a nice email with a link to your catalogue.
  • Chat to your neighbouring stands at the show – networking is one of the central focus' at the Furniture Shows. 
  • Stand presentation is incredibly important at any trade show. It is essential to take time to plan out your stand design. Don't be afraid to use colour and unique display methods. Take a look at the Home & Gift Instagram (@homeandgiftharrogate) to see examples of past stands. 
  • Organise all necessary information pertaining to the show, including logistics, stand details, and customer queries, in a single A4 notebook or folder for easy reference and accessibility.

Tips from the H&G Team

  • Look out for emails from the H&G team requesting information, images… etc. if you don’t send them to us, we can’t include you in anything.
  • Start promoting your brand prior to the show. Tell any stockists or shops you’ve been speaking to that you’ll be here, what your stand number is, etc. For social media use the #HomeandGift hashtag - buyers use this on Instagram. Utilise the free marketing material included in this E-Zone and sent to you via email.

  • Dress to impress; no need to look corporate, but be sure to put in some effort.

  • Be confident on the stand! If you can be at your stand then do - try to avoid spending too much time on your phone or laptop and risk missing any potential customers hovering outside the stand trying to catch your eye!

  • Good, clear communication is key. Try to ask open-ended questions about their businesses, etc. and enthuse about your product and how it fits with buyers’ store. Ask what other products they have seen/bought today. At the end of the conversation, don’t forget to thank them for their interest!